From one mama to another...

After the birth of my second child, it was increasingly difficult to find clothes that allowed me to ‘get on’ with breastfeeding and still feel like myself (as much as you can feel like yourself when you’ve just pushed a human out).

I wanted clothing that wasn’t made for a big maternity belly, was comfortable enough for me to run, crawl and climb after my toddler, and felt more related to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe. 

I created Frances Rose to allow women like me to confidently and comfortably breastfeed anywhere. To me, that means having quick access with very little faffing and shuffling of layers, and without exposing my entire breast to the person sitting across from me tucking into their Sunday lunch. So, whether you're at a baby group, meeting a friend in a café, or hosting a business meeting, I hope these clothes can give you the confidence that they’ve given me.

- Amy x